Who says that you can only eat eggs by boiling them or by making an omelet? Eating eggs and making them differently is altogether in our hand yes we can get creative in boilings as well, breaking the typical stereotype here are two recipes, of course of eggs, we have got a little creative with the eggs. 


  • Six large-sized eggs 
  • mayonnaise (one-fourth of a cup) 
  • One big spoon of spicy mustard 
  • One big spoon of chipotle chiles (chopped) 
  • One small spoon of red pepper 
  • Seeded and thinly sliced jalapeno chile or use can use red Fresno 


  1. Take a saucepan and spread a single layer of eggs, add ice-water to the pan, make sure that the water is about one inch above the eggs, add salt to the water, cover the pan and increase the level of heat, leave for about twelve to fifteen minutes.
  2. Take out ice from the freezer and place it in a medium-sized bowl add water to boil, once done boiling the eggs transfer them to the bowl full of ice and water. Leave the eggs in the bowl for about ten minutes.
  3. After ten minutes start peeling the eggs, once done peeling cut them lengthwise.
  4. Take a medium-sized bowl and add carefully transfer the yolk to it. Take a fork and start mashing the eggs.
  5. Add mustard, red pepper, mayonnaise and chipotle chiles to the bowl, use the fork for mixing, mix well. 
  6. Take a spoon and transfer therewith the help of the spoon to the white halves. 
  7. For garnishing use chile. 

Stuffed eggs 


  • Eight large-sized eggs 
  • Food coloring (you can choose any color) 
  • mayonnaise (Two big spoons) 
  • hot dog relish (one big spoon) 


  1. Take a saucepan and spread a single layer of eggs, add ice-water to the pan, make sure that the water is about one inch above the eggs, add salt to the water, cover the pan and increase the level of heat, leave for about twelve to fifteen minutes.
  2. Transfer the eggs to a bowl full of ice-water, leave the eggs in the bowl for five to ten minutes.
  3. Peel the eggs.
  4. Take a cup and add water to it and in the water add food coloring, you can choose any color.
  5. Dip the peeled eggs one by one in the colored water.
  6. Once you get the desired color, take a knife and cut a very thin layer from the egg’s bottom, now cut the top of all the eggs carefully.
  7. Transfer the yolk to a bowl, use a fork to mash and then add mayo and relish to the bowl, mash again with the help of the fork.
  8. Transfer the yolk back to the halves with the help of a spoon, place the top back and place the eggs in the refrigerator for about thirty to forty minutes.

That’s all with the creative recipes if you have some more creative ideas then feel free to share them. 

The key to decorating any boy’s room is functionality, you need to be very clever while decorating the room and come up with space saving and storage ideas.


  1. You can add alphabet to the wall, huge alphabetic wall hangings are easily available in the market, for instance, buy the alphabet ‘J’ if that’s the very letter of your teen’s name and place it in the center of the wall.
  2. You can follow some theme, decorate the entire room according to the theme, for instance, you can follow the Avengers theme.
  3. Put in a little effort and go online search for catchy phrases and words, once done searching make signs and place them in the entire room, boys love such signs. You can use neon color for the signs.
  4. Bold, deep color and stylish wood strips are what you really need for that wall behind the bed.
  5. While buying the furniture make sure that they can be used for multiple reasons and do not over overcrowd the place, the spacing is very much important and at this age, kids pursue most of their interests like drumming and gaming so the spacing matters.
  6. You can make the room look industrial by using cage lights and pipes, this would not only give an industrial look to the room but would make the room look highly stylish.
  7. If your kid is into sports then use sports as the theme or if he is into bands then use rock bands as a theme.
  8. Add bean bags to the room it would make the room look cozy and moving them won’t cause much trouble to your teen.
  9. Know your child and then decorate his room, ask questions related to his favorite sports, band and talk about his passion and then use all the answers to decorate his room, teens spend most of their precious time in their room so let the room talk and tell who he really is.
  10. You can use green as the main color of the room if you are planning to paint the room in some dark deep color then use green colored bed sheets, green colored curtains and match the design with white.
  11. If your teen’s room is comparatively small then you should buy a platform bed for him and make sure that there are a lot of drawers in it, it would make the room look more organized and spacious.
  12. Instead of a closet add coat racks to the room and with coat racks use hanging bulbs, it would give a nice industrial appearance to the room and most of the guys don’t really prefer closets.

Just keep spacing and detailing in mind while decorating the room and keep asking your teen that what he really wants in the room and how he wishes to decorate his room, let him give you some nice ideas, involve him in decorating his own room. Don’t forget that the room needs to talk and tell everyone that who your child really is.…