Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moong Daal ke Ladoo ki Chaat

Feeling nostalgic writing this post. If you are from Delhi, I am sure you can relate to this feeling. Back in India, In winters specially, street hawkers would come selling this warm delicious moong daal ke ladoo with Mooli (Shredded radish called DAIKON too) and loads of spicy green chutney...yummmyyyy! Hawkers sell this by the name "Ram Ladoo", dont know why; and we used to call these "Gulgule"; again dont know why :)

Today after a long long time I ate these; not only ate, but made tooo....loved it! These are very simple and easy to make. (Click here for printable recipe)

1. Yellow Moong Daal (Washed & Soaked in water for atleast 6 hours or overnight)
2. Salt- To taste
3. Red Chilli Powder-To taste
4. Shredded Radish/Daikon- 1 Cup
5. Green Chutney- Depends how much you want
6. Oil- To fry ladoo

1. Grind the dal to a rough paste in a mixer grinder, using very little water, only if required.
    Do not make it into a smooth past
2. Beat ground dal in a bowl using whisker for 5-7 minutes till it feels really light and frothy of a soft dropping
   consistency, Add salt and red chilli powder. Mix well.
3. Heat oil in a Kadhai/pan for deep frying. To test if oil is hot enough, drop a little paste into the kadhai.
    It should rise to the surface almost immediately
4. Using round spoon drop small amounts of paste into oil. Reduce heat to medium.
5. Fry till golden yellow. Drain excess oil on paper napkins.
6. Serve loaded with grated Mooli (Grated Radish) and Spicy Green chutney.


ruchikacooks said...

Ooo..they look delish. Crispy and colorful.

Biren said...

This sounds delicious! Reminds me of a Southern Indian snack, vadai.

denise @ quickies on the dinner table said...

I was lucky enough to have a neighbour from India, for a few years and she used to make something very similar to this quite often - her kids were crazy for it. Now you're making me miss her and her Ladoo :(

Priya said...

I never seen or heard about this moongdal ladoo ki chaat, looks really fantastic!!thanks for sharing, its really a great pleasure to learn new dishes like this..

Rachana Kothari said...

This chaat is so mouthwatering! lovely, tempting clicks:)

priya said...

yummy and mouth watering dear...thx for visiting my blog and for those lovely keep in touch!

Annarasa said...

Perfect for Holi!

Jagruti said...

Perfect chaat and delicious..;-)) I thought gulgule is sweet dish..really don't know..

Nina said...

I've been to Delhi but never tried this...looks great:)

Pari said...

hi.The platter looks so inviting, I am very fond of these and can really hog on them.
My version of making them is slightly different will surely post some time.

Sashi said...

Perfect Chat !! mouthwatering !! nice clicks Vaishali !!

Vaishali Sharma said...

Thanks a lot everyone!
@Denise- You should try making these. They are very simple to make.
@Nina- This time you go to Delhi, do try these! These are fingerlicking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vaishali

Tried following your recipe, but miserably failed as the dal balls heavily shrunk and the dal melted away into the oil. Even after refrigerating the balls and adding some flour and bread crumbs the, dal would sink away into the oil leaving a very small ball finally.
What is the trick to keep it in shape.

Vaishali Sharma said...

Atul, sounds like ur dal paste had
more water than required coz there is not other reason it wud melt away in oil. You were supposed to make a rough paste and not smooth. Don't add any water while grinding or very little (1 tsp) just enough to grind. That's the only thing. That's it. I didn't need to do any thing more. I hope ur second attempt becomes successful.

Atul Guglani said...

Thx a ton, I will try again

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