Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nimbu ka Khatta Achaar ( Lemon Pickle)-- Mom's Recipe

I have been meaning to post this recipe for a while but somehow forgot about it. Today when we took out pickle to eat with Daal and Rice; I immediately grabbed my camera and took some pictures.
Every time I would go to India or my mom comes here, I would have her make some homemade pickles. Last time I went to India was in December 2008 for my own wedding and ofcourse couldn't even think of taking the risk of getting oiled pickles along with my all new clothes.

A couple of months ago we went to Houston to see our cousin and also went to a Gurudwara (Temple). When we came out of there, I saw this tree outside in the yard full of huge sized lemons. I couldn't control myself. I love picking fruits and vegetables from the trees. So I grabbed some 4-5 lemons. These lemons were as big as grapefruit.

I called my mom and asked her the recipe to make Lemon Pickle. To my surprise, it was an easy job with a surety of delicious outcome :)

Here I am sharing my mom's secret recipe with all the pickle lovers out there:

1 Kg Lemon
50 gm Ajwain
50 gm Garam Masala
100 gm Regular Salt 
100 gm Black Salt (Kala Namak)
250 gm Sugar

1. Cut all the lemons leaving 2 lemons aside for later use. You can cut them to any size you want
2. Take a mixing bowl and put all the cut lemons into that.
3. Now add all the masala into the lemons and mix well using a laddle.
4. Take a dry jar (preferably glass jar) and put all the masala mixed lemons into the jar using a laddle.
5. Now squeeze the juice of 2 lemons that we kept aside into the jar and mix well.
6. Keep the jar out in the sun during daytime everyday for 6-8 days. Also make sure you give a mix to the pickle everyday by shaking the jar.
7. Once lemons starts getting tender; you can start eating the pickle.

PS: - Always make sure Jar in which you want to put the pickle is clean and dry.
- Never insert a wet spoon or laddle into the pickle. It makes pickle go bad.


Prathibha said...

it looks mouth watering...I get pickles from myMIL every year..

The Princess said...

Thanks for the recipe. I wasn't aware that you could use the big lemons as I tend to buy the small yellow ones from the Indian stores for my pickles.

Anonymous said...

It came out very good and enjoyed it thoroughly. Shared recipe with friends who enjoyed as well.


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