In today’s fast pacing world electric smokers have become an indispensable part of the normal household as well the restaurant industry. Electric smokers are easy to use and even a beginner can use it, with its relatively easy to use approach and the quick setup and quick cooking electric smokers are prone to malfunction as well as breaking down. For a detailed review of electric smokers, check out SolidGoldEat’s Electric Smoker Reviews. One of the most frequently occurring malfunctions is that of the heating element of the electric smoker.

This frequent breaking down of the heating element of an electric smoker occurs due to the fact that the terminal of wires that is joined to the heating element by soldering them together is melted and often joined, this melting of the terminal of wires occurs due to the fact that the heating element of the electric smoker is prone to high temperatures during the cooking and the smoking processes also sudden temperature spikes in the electric smoker can lead to the burning off and of the melting of the wire terminals that plugs into the heating element.

One should always look for this problem in an electric smoker if the heating element of the smoker is not working. This can be handled by removing the burned off part of the wire terminals and then rejoining them to the heating element of the electric smoker by soldering them together using a solder gun. If the electric smoker is not working even after this process then it has to be replaced.

The first step in replacing the element of an electric smoker is to unplug the electric smoker from a power source. After that remove the woodchip bowl from the smoker and also remove the chrome plated grates as well as the drip tray then remove the screws that are fastened on the woodchip support board. After removing the cap of the woodchip support board, try to get to the heating element by bypassing the other electrical wires that are inside there. After this remove the cover on the backside of the heating element so to get to the heating element. Then remove the connecting bolt to the heating element that connects the electrical input to the heating element of the electric smoker this bolt can be removed by using a ¼ wrench easily.

After that remove the two wires that are connected to the electrical input on the other side from the heating element be careful while removing the wire so that the wiring is not harmed, if the wiring is tampered with the entire wiring of the electric smoker has to be changed which is a tedious and an expensive process so be sure so as not to make this mistake. Then remove the old heating element and install the new one by fixing it on the screws given so as to attach the heating element to the wall of the electric smoker.

Then connect the wire connectors back into the heating element also be sure so as to again fasten the ground bolt that connects the heating element to the electrical input. Then seal the heating element in place, after that reinstall the cover hat was on the backside of the heating element after this also reinstall the outer covering of the woodchip smoker house panel. Also be sure as not to choose an element that is not suited for your electric smoker, be sure as to look for the electrical input requirements of your electric smoker as a heating element that is compatible with your electric smoker.…

Who said salads cannot be fun? Right here is a recipe for you of Caesar salad and have my worried this salad is not boring, in fact, it is one of the best salads in the world, does not take must time and the ingredients are very easily available in all the grocery stores and the best part is that it is super healthy, if you are into healthy stuff then this salad is the one for you. 


  • lettuce 
  • One bunch of diced green onion 
  • Chicken breasts ( cut them into bit size and then grill them) 
  • One bottle of ranch dressing   
  • One jar of three ounces  bacon bits 
  • parmesan cheese 
  • Mozzarella cheese (eight ounces) 
  • croutons (six ounces) 


  • Take out the lettuce leaves out of your refrigerator and wash it once done with washing lay them out (use paper towels), pat them. 
  • Now cut leaves into strips ( the strips are required to be of one inch). 
  • Take a large sized bowl and place the strips in the bowl. 
  • It’s time to add cheese, onions, bacon bits and chicken to the bowl, once done adding all the required ingredients, toss. 
  • Lay a layer of cheese on the lettuce, after cheese season with pepper and salt, Toss. 
  • Mix in the dressing and make sure that the strips are completely coated. 
  • When you are ready to serve the salad add croutons to all the bowls separately or else it would get soggy. 
  • One bowl of this salad consists of Thirty-two grams of protein and Five hundred and nine calories, it is even high in sodium as it provided seven hundred and forty-four grams of sodium. 

Why eat steak the old fashioned way when you can eat it in a way which is far better, here is a recipe of bearnaise butter which would make eating steak a lot more fun and of course tasty 



  • Three big spoons of softened butter 
  • Two  small spoons of tarragon (make sure that the leaves are fresh and you are required to chop them) 
  • Two small spoons of shallots 
  • lemon juice  
  • salt 
  • steaks 


  • Take a medium-sized bowl and add butter, shallot, minced onion, salt, lime juice and tarragon to it. 
  • Mix all the ingredients together with the help of a fork 
  • Take a wax paper and make a log out of it. 
  • Now you are required to twist the ends of the log tightly once done with the twisting keep it in your freezer for about an hour. 
  • Tim for seasoning the steaks, for it you would require oil and pepper 
  • Once done with seasoning, grill the steaks. 
  • While serving to serve with a layer of butter. 
  • Serve immediately. 

If you like the recipes then do tell us, show some love by commenting below on the comment section, let us know if we are missing out on something or if there is some other special way to make these dishes, we are always open to suggestions. 


Everyone desires to make their place look expensive as expensive is seen as something good and as something which marks the high standard bar but one cannot always put that much money in the decoration due to various circumstances, so here are some ways in which one can make their place look expensive without spending much. 



What makes your place look elegant is the detailing, so while you are decorating your place keep detailing in your mind. Crown modeling is not that expensive that’s why you should opt for it, crown modeling makes sure that your place looks elegant. Columns, chair rails, crown, and baseboard bring glamour with themselves. 

  1. PAINT – A difficult decision

Painting a room is very important and the choosing the color is difficult but the paint can make your place look ridiculously expensive, how? Go for black color and it would add class and character to your place, paint the doors of your interior. 

  1. Add as many PILLOWS as you can

Pillows equal to comfort and they even add elegance to the entire look, pillows are like a cherry on the top it’s just that you need to find the right cherries, go for the large-sized overly stuffed ones, the small ones won’t be that nice of an option as they are very common. 

  1. Treatment for the WINDOWS

Treatments would not only make sure that you have enough privacy but would also add the right amount of elegance without window treatments your place would give an unfinished appearance, do not go for a material which is flimsy because flimsy material equals to cheap appearance and our goal is to make your place look expensive. You must opt for lined draperies. 

  1. Repair your HARDWARE

Time to time you should repair the knobs and your drawers’ pulls or you can even buy some new knobs and pulls that appear expensive, knobs and pulls actually make a difference 


The biggest difference is made through lighting, you can buy some chandelier, no you need not buy a new one go, buy an old one and repair it, you would require some paint for it. 

  1. HARDWOOD over carpet

Carpet can make your place look warm but not elegant, hardwood can make it look adorably elegant, look at hardwood as a nice investment. Hardwood is pretty much known for its durability. 


Add frames to your empty wall, put a painting in them, follow a nice color theme, go for gold and then buy frames and mirrors of the same color, gold represents wealth and also adds elegance to the entire look. 


Why buy new furniture when there are so many stores where you can buy second-hand furniture, make sure what you are buying is in a nice condition and goes with the entire look. How you are placing the furniture matters too, make sure that there is enough space to breathe, do not overcrowd it. 

That’s all for the budget-friendly list. 


  • Two small spoons of vanilla 
  • one cup of white and one cup of brown sugar 
  • one cup of butter 
  • Two medium-sized eggs 
  • one small spoon of baking soda 
  • Two small spoons of hot water 
  • Half a small spoon of salt 
  • Three medium-sized cups of all-purpose flour 
  • two cups of chocolate chips (make sure that they are semi-sweet) 
  • one cup of walnuts (chopped) 


  • Turn your oven on and set the temperature at three hundred and fifty degrees F, heat it. 
  • Take a small sized bowl and add hot water to it and baking soda to the water, use a spoon to mix it well and then transfer it to the batter, add salt to the batter and mix well, time to add chocolate chips, nuts, and flour, mix well, now take a pan and add batter to it with the help of a big sized spoon, bake for at least ten minutes 
  • If you are a health freak and still wish to eat cookies then oat cookies are the ones for you, now you might say that you do not know how they are made if you really do not know how oat cookies are made then don’t worry you can simply scroll down because the recipe for oat cookies is mentioned right below this para. 

 Oat cookies 


  • One cup of butter 
  • One cup of brown and one cup of white sugar  
  • Two medium sized eggs 
  • one small spoon of vanilla 
  • Two cups of flour (all-purpose flour) 
  • One small spoon baking soda 
  • Three cups of Oats 
  • One small spoon salt 
  • One and a half small spoon of cinnamon 


  • Take a large-sized bowl and add butter to it, after butter adds sugar, break one egg, beat it and then break another egg beat it as well, use a hand blender for it. 
  • Add vanilla, baking soda, cinnamon, salt, flour to the bowl and mix well, add oats to it and mix everything well. 
  • Now you that you have a dough, cover the dough and place it in your refrigerator for an hour. 
  • Now it is time to heat your oven to about three hundred and seventy-five degrees, now you need to grease your cookie sheets, make balls out of the  dough and then place them on the sheets make sure there is a two-inch distance in between them, dip a fork in sugar and then use it to flatten the cookies. 
  • Now it’s time for some baking, but before that don’t forget to preheat your oven, bake for about eight to ten minutes, once baked, take your cookies out and keep them aside for a while, once they reach room temperature transfer them to wire rack. 

Do let us know which one you liked more by commenting in the comment section and even let us know if we missed out on something or if there is something special that you added or usually add to the cookies. 

Who says that you can only eat eggs by boiling them or by making an omelet? Eating eggs and making them differently is altogether in our hand yes we can get creative in boilings as well, breaking the typical stereotype here are two recipes, of course of eggs, we have got a little creative with the eggs. 


  • Six large-sized eggs 
  • mayonnaise (one-fourth of a cup) 
  • One big spoon of spicy mustard 
  • One big spoon of chipotle chiles (chopped) 
  • One small spoon of red pepper 
  • Seeded and thinly sliced jalapeno chile or use can use red Fresno 


  1. Take a saucepan and spread a single layer of eggs, add ice-water to the pan, make sure that the water is about one inch above the eggs, add salt to the water, cover the pan and increase the level of heat, leave for about twelve to fifteen minutes.
  2. Take out ice from the freezer and place it in a medium-sized bowl add water to boil, once done boiling the eggs transfer them to the bowl full of ice and water. Leave the eggs in the bowl for about ten minutes.
  3. After ten minutes start peeling the eggs, once done peeling cut them lengthwise.
  4. Take a medium-sized bowl and add carefully transfer the yolk to it. Take a fork and start mashing the eggs.
  5. Add mustard, red pepper, mayonnaise and chipotle chiles to the bowl, use the fork for mixing, mix well. 
  6. Take a spoon and transfer therewith the help of the spoon to the white halves. 
  7. For garnishing use chile. 

Stuffed eggs 


  • Eight large-sized eggs 
  • Food coloring (you can choose any color) 
  • mayonnaise (Two big spoons) 
  • hot dog relish (one big spoon) 


  1. Take a saucepan and spread a single layer of eggs, add ice-water to the pan, make sure that the water is about one inch above the eggs, add salt to the water, cover the pan and increase the level of heat, leave for about twelve to fifteen minutes.
  2. Transfer the eggs to a bowl full of ice-water, leave the eggs in the bowl for five to ten minutes.
  3. Peel the eggs.
  4. Take a cup and add water to it and in the water add food coloring, you can choose any color.
  5. Dip the peeled eggs one by one in the colored water.
  6. Once you get the desired color, take a knife and cut a very thin layer from the egg’s bottom, now cut the top of all the eggs carefully.
  7. Transfer the yolk to a bowl, use a fork to mash and then add mayo and relish to the bowl, mash again with the help of the fork.
  8. Transfer the yolk back to the halves with the help of a spoon, place the top back and place the eggs in the refrigerator for about thirty to forty minutes.

That’s all with the creative recipes if you have some more creative ideas then feel free to share them. 

The key to decorating any boy’s room is functionality, you need to be very clever while decorating the room and come up with space saving and storage ideas.


  1. You can add alphabet to the wall, huge alphabetic wall hangings are easily available in the market, for instance, buy the alphabet ‘J’ if that’s the very letter of your teen’s name and place it in the center of the wall.
  2. You can follow some theme, decorate the entire room according to the theme, for instance, you can follow the Avengers theme.
  3. Put in a little effort and go online search for catchy phrases and words, once done searching make signs and place them in the entire room, boys love such signs. You can use neon color for the signs.
  4. Bold, deep color and stylish wood strips are what you really need for that wall behind the bed.
  5. While buying the furniture make sure that they can be used for multiple reasons and do not over overcrowd the place, the spacing is very much important and at this age, kids pursue most of their interests like drumming and gaming so the spacing matters.
  6. You can make the room look industrial by using cage lights and pipes, this would not only give an industrial look to the room but would make the room look highly stylish.
  7. If your kid is into sports then use sports as the theme or if he is into bands then use rock bands as a theme.
  8. Add bean bags to the room it would make the room look cozy and moving them won’t cause much trouble to your teen.
  9. Know your child and then decorate his room, ask questions related to his favorite sports, band and talk about his passion and then use all the answers to decorate his room, teens spend most of their precious time in their room so let the room talk and tell who he really is.
  10. You can use green as the main color of the room if you are planning to paint the room in some dark deep color then use green colored bed sheets, green colored curtains and match the design with white.
  11. If your teen’s room is comparatively small then you should buy a platform bed for him and make sure that there are a lot of drawers in it, it would make the room look more organized and spacious.
  12. Instead of a closet add coat racks to the room and with coat racks use hanging bulbs, it would give a nice industrial appearance to the room and most of the guys don’t really prefer closets.

Just keep spacing and detailing in mind while decorating the room and keep asking your teen that what he really wants in the room and how he wishes to decorate his room, let him give you some nice ideas, involve him in decorating his own room. Don’t forget that the room needs to talk and tell everyone that who your child really is.…